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How Fast Can Blockchain Be Adopted by Mainstream?

How Fast Can Blockchain Be Adopted by Mainstream?

Dec 12, 2019

There are a lot of startups nowadays that create fintech products on blockchain, where data can be more transparently accounted, making corruption or manipulation impossible. On the other hand, slow scalability of blockchain is something that makes the market still hesitant to adopt blockchain. 

Key Obstacles On the Way to Blockchain-Based Products Adoption

Despite the numerous advantages that blockchain offers to the financial industry, its adoption is very slow so far because of the privacy and security obstacles in managing large amounts of data, lack of clarity in regulations and lack of scalability. Once solved, these are the key factors, which can drive mass adoption. Let’s see what are the aspects that will help HyperSphere to speed up blockchain adoption.

How HyperSphere Accelerates the Adoption of Blockchain

As an ultimately secure platform and cloud, HyperSphere efficiently enables personal and corporate transactions without the need for banks or central authorities to ensure transactional integrity. To facilitate and maintain such a high degree of autonomy and speed, HyperSphere employs a variety of elements and methods. Here are several crucial components that make it happen.

  • DyDAG Blockchain

DyDAG is beneficial for FinTech services because of its fast speed and multi-tree individual dynamic structure. In means that each user of HyperSphere has a personal chain within global blockchain, that is not shared with every user. Unless classic blockchain solutions, that must synchronize whole data with every user, DyDAG solves the problem with transaction frequency, using own replicant blockchain observer segment (RBOS) system.

  • Decentralized Marketplace

HyperSphere function as fully distributed network, without central authority – no one can stop or control the platform. Its utility token, HyperMetal, is pegged to 3 major computer resources - computing power, internet bandwidth and data storage. HyperSphere’s decentralized marketplace is made to securely rent and lend unlimited amounts of these resources, utilizing world idle computer powers and generating income for device owners.

The main problem of current computing power rentals is absence of security and privacy. If you use cloud - cloud provider knows everything what’s happening in rented machine. In HyperSphere we eliminate this issue via military-grade encryption and distributed computing network, where small pieces of data is stored encrypted among the multiple nodes inside the network, unobtainable for operating devices owners.

  • SDNP

In order to protect data, maintain transactional integrity, and prevent cryptocurrency theft or fraud, the HyperSphere employs military-grade ‘hyper-secure’ data transport and multi-tiered security features made in accordance with its next generation patented Secure Dynamic Network & Protocol (SDNP). Although encryption is a methodological element of its packet transport operations, the SDNP process does not depend exclusively on encryption to achieve its superior security protection. Instead, hyper-secure communication combines the principles of fragmented transport of anonymous data packets together with dynamic routing and concealment.  

  • HyperNodes

HyperSphere offers HyperNodes, the novice class of multifunctional network application software. The network can dynamically adjust operations on an ad-hoc basis, sharing functions among nodes by roles and allocating special tasks for each role: name servers, authority nodes and task nodes. Accordingly, the HyperSphere employs an entirely new class of multifunctional network application software referred to as metamorphic HyperNodes – network nodes able to dynamically adjust their operations on an impromptu basis to execute required SDNP network functions, manage data storage, control connected devices, and orchestrate cloud-computing activities.  

HyperSphere enable the next generation Internet and cloud services by securing the data and transactions inside the network. In fact, HyperSphere can speed up the adoption of user-centric Internet, where users can fully own their digital assets, personal and corporate data. The trust environment, created by the technologies of HyperSphere can address many security and privacy issues in communication, IoT, Fintech and other industries, facilitating fast blockchain adoption.