The Digital Trust Ecosystem

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The Digital Trust Ecosystem

The Digital Trust Ecosystem

Nov 02

HyperSphere Is Coming To Web Summit 2019

Our team is headed to Web Summit in Lisbon to showcase our decentralized platform that connects individuals, businesses, and robots within secure infrastructure. And we’re excited to meet you there next week!

Oct 23

Why Decentralized Cloud is the Future of Cloud Computing

At the dawn of the Internet era, the centralized cloud computing was the greatest tech break-through, but nowadays it has started to show its shortcomings.

Oct 18

Blockchain Vulnerabilities: How to Reduce Security Risks?

Cosmos, the blockchain-based interoperability platform, announced about its security vulnerability that was found in the consensus engine last week.

Oct 08

Weak Spots of Modern FinTech Infrastructure

Behind the beautiful interface, the back-end of FinTech app rarely follows the same banking processes.

Sep 18

How SDNP Protocol, Introduced by HyperSphere, Secures Data

For the e-businesses dealing with data, security awareness has climbed to extraordinary heights as a result of the constant attacks and data breaches, which even the biggest companies can not completely deal with.

Aug 22

Why Security Infrastructure of Crypto Space Needs A Serious Upgrade

Coinbase, one of the major crypto exchanges, disclosed a potential vulnerability for around 3500 customer passwords that were stored in plain text in logs on their internal server, as it was said in their blog post earlier this week.

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