The Digital Trust Ecosystem

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The Digital Trust Ecosystem

The Digital Trust Ecosystem

Aug 31

Why Do They Say DeFi Is Leading the Future of Finance?

DeFi appeared on the cryptocurrency market in 2019 and in just one year it is confidently shaping the market: numerous DeFi products and solutions are booming at the moment. As reported by Bezinga, the DeFi industry has grown from $5 to $15B in less than a month.

Aug 12

The Rise of Blockchain Identity Management and HyperSphere’s HyperID Key Differentiators

In June HyperSphere launched Hyper ID, its secure identity service. With the growing number of identity management services on the market, we took into account satisfying all the related needs the users of Hyper might have along with managing multiple digital accounts. It allows users to manage multiple accounts as well as decide which personal data to share with or withdraw from each application, using the user's account.

Jul 28

Blockchain Adoption Across Industries: Key Players that Drive Adoption

Long term future of blockchain technology is exciting: existing blockchain networks continue to foster transformation to numerous industries. Many business leaders may wonder about the main industries adopting and leveraging blockchain technology right now.

May 15

How COVID-19 Raises Demand for the Decentralized Platform Technologies

The digital platform economy is emerging: Facebook, Amazon, Google, and other companies build online ecosystems that enable a wide set of business and individual activities.

May 01

How To Progress Through Economic Recession With Creative Destruction

Uncertainty is the friend of the buyer of long-term values, said Warren Buffett. What does recession mean for crisis-born projects that will defy eras? Find out in my latest blog post.

Mar 17

HyperSphere As the Platform for Health Tech Applications: Applied Biophotonics Case Study

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, preventive measures and social distancing techniques to help slow the spread of the virus, many businesses start to work remotely.

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