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HyperSphere As the Platform for Health Tech Applications: Applied Biophotonics Case Study

HyperSphere As the Platform for Health Tech Applications: Applied Biophotonics Case Study

Mar 17, 2020

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, preventive measures and social distancing techniques to help slow the spread of the virus, many businesses start to work remotely.

The internet era and technology progress make it simple to carry out work duties in remote teams spread around the world. In this uncertain period of time for many humans and companies, we would like to share the first medical case study of HyperSphere. It describes how the HyperSphere platform enables HealthTech Apps, which aim to cure diseases, run medical records and manage data, and undertake medical research. 

Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBT) Devices by Applied BioPhotonics

Applied BioPhotonics (ABP) is the global developer of biophotonic equipment including photobiomodulation therapy (PBT) devices. PBT is a revolutionary form of physical medicine employing red and near infrared light to stimulate tissue healing and maintain healthy cellular metabolism by energizing mitochondria, the membrane-bound cell organelles that generate most of the chemical energy needed to power the cell's biochemical reactions in human body. 

The professional version of the PBT device used by hospitals, physicians, and professional athletes has completed independent safety certifications in accordance with ISO, IEC, and the FCC. The device has FDA approval in the United States, Dubai, the UAE, and Taiwan. Based on numerous issued and pending patents, the next professional version of the device will be using the network connectivity, offering both Internet and access to the HyperSphere storage and cloud.

During treatment, the mitochondria generate adenosine triphosphate or ATP, the primary source of energy powering living cells. The tissue and organs, illuminated PBT devices, release nitrous oxide, causing enhanced circulation, tissue oxygenation, reduction inflammation and pain, and accelerate injuries healing. 

How Do PBT Devices Work on HyperSphere?

The main role of HyperSphere is to provide disaggregated data & cloud storage. With its network-native disaggregated data storage capability, HyperSphere can serve as a perfect platform for supporting big data projects and securing the privacy of personal data in the documents, containing medical records, financial information, and other types of sensitive records. 

The network attacks are useless as all the data content is distributed across the cloud using unique cryptographic keys not discoverable by conventional database attack stratagems. By using distributed storage methods, data breaches and cyber attacks on storage farms are neutralized by incomplete access to correlated files. Since drive mapping and security credentials are dynamic, the location and cryptographic identities of files and databases are available only to a file’s owner signed by a valid CA certificate at the time the data files are created. 

In a consumer version of the PBT device (currently under development), the HyperSphere’s economy is beneficial for subscription-based use models where a smartphone app drives WiFi-enabled 3D-bendable LED pads dynamically controlling photobiomodulation of treated tissue. In addition, because of the dual-token economy of the HyperSphere, the subscription fees can be paid in HyperCoins, possibly earned by a HyperNode, hosted on the same smartphone. 

But HyperSphere is not just another cloud solution. Because of the computer resources marketplace and access to the distributed resources all around the worlds, the price for data storage is going to be much lower in comparison with the classic centralized clouds. Another significant benefit is the ultimate security of the sensitive data, which safety and privacy is dramatically crucial for the health industry.  

HyperSphere and the Future of Health Tech

HyperSphere’s features to securely store and process data and payments make it a great choice of platform for medical services. Cybersecurity is crucial, especially in the midst of a pandemic, like the recent hospital and COVID-19 testing laboratories cyberattack in Czech Republic.

The platform enables numerous data-driven operations including different data types records, distributed cloud and contact management hosting, database management, medical and insurance records management. The platform is also able to support online fiat and cryptocurrency payments or subscription-based payments. Besides that, the computer resources sharing marketplace of HyperSphere, allows medical companies, which launch their services on HyperSphere, undertake complex medical research to cure rare diseases. Combining all these capabilities needed for the HealthTech industry, HyperSphere opens up many opportunities in medical research and novel healthcare services in the future.