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The Digital Trust Ecosystem

HyperSphere Launches HyperID

HyperSphere Launches HyperID to Help Businesses Ensure Security of The Customers’ Digital Identity

Oct 26, 2020

HyperID, the Identity Management Service by HyperSphere, is Allowing Users to Secure Their Digital Accounts, Personal Data and Payments Across All Their Accounts, the cyber secure decentralized platform for the new economy, announces the launch of HyperID, an identity management service, beneficial for both users and businesses.

HyperID is designed to help users keep their sensitive digital data, such as email, personal data, credit card and payment details secure, storing it encrypted with HyperID and allowing services to access selected personal data only via direct user permission. On the other hand, as storing personal information makes businesses vulnerable for hacker attacks, HyperID allows companies to step back from storing sensitive data, staying resilient to data leaks.

“Our goal is to enable users to keep their digital identity secure throughout the Internet. We are the first decentralized solution, providing a safe encrypted environment, where users can be confident their most sensitive information always remains secure,” says Evgen Verzun, Founder of

By offering secure mechanisms for efficient identity management, HyperID creates the trusted digital environment, which can be a solid competitive advantage for many digital businesses nowadays. Ultimate privacy and security is a solid base to leverage new financial products and services. So, HyperID aims to fill the cybersecurity gap in modern digital businesses, allowing users to finally obtain control over their digital identities and be able either to grant or withdraw the access of numerous services to their sensitive data.

Backed by patented Secure and Dynamic Network & Protocol (SDNP), HyperID offers a wide range of possibilities for authentication and identity management:

  • Create a single point of authentication for multiple accounts
  • Authenticate to various accounts, using Face ID or Touch ID
  • Grant or withdraw access of various services to personal data
  • Enhance security of payments and transactions 

Richard K. Williams, the Co-Founder of, explains: “The Internet wasn’t initially designed to be secure. Guys just exchanged messages via simple protocols, caring about functionality, not privacy. And we are still using old standards, trying to fit them to modern demands. But it would never fit, because current Internet roles and tasks are much broader than before. And security is the first task to be solved right now. Outdated security standards and authentication algorithms are absolutely inefficient, so HyperID now stepped in to fill this gap”.

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